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Parental Purchase Program

Dedicated to students and Teachers

The Parental Purchase Program is an innovative teaching technology implementation program that allows teachers and students to purchase Apple products on preferential terms. The goal is to make school education more sustainable and inclusive with technologically advanced tools.

Zenith-Store, as an Authorised Education Specialist, adheres to the Parental Purchase Program by offering solutions that include discount on purchasing iPads & Mac for school activities and an agreement on training and support services.

The program allows you to combine the discount reserved for institutions with training dedicated to teachers, as well as the preparation of devices for educational use. Added to these are the handling of the repair quickly and the possibility of activating accidental damage insurance on advantageous conditions

Each school will be able to choose the most appropriate iPad configurations, management learning software, and accessories, including any shockproof cases. The whole process will be managed through an internet portal dedicated to families. Once the purchases have been completed, we take care of the delivery of the booked devices, already configured for use according to the specifications expressed by the school.

At the end of the school use period, the devices will remain available to families. They will be deleted from the School Management system (Mobile Device Management and/or Device Enrollment Program) and reconfigured with commercial settings for private use.


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